Dec 28, 2010

Process Explorer utility

Task manager is less elaborate in providing information and details on processes.

However, there's a very good utility called as Process Explorer, that simplifies the process and provides you a tree based format viewing.

This utility becomes useful in looking at the CPU usage, tracking the processes and malwares. 

Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded. The Process Explorer display consists of two sub-windows.

The top window always shows a list of the active processes, including their owning accounts. The  bottom window  information is dependent on the mode that Process Explorer is in: if it is in handle mode you'll see the handles that the process selected in the top window has opened; if Process Explorer is in DLL mode you'll see the DLLs and memory-mapped files that the process has loaded. 

Process Explorer also has a powerful search capability that will quickly show you which processes have particular handles opened or DLLs loaded.

It can thereby help in tracking down DLL-version problems and serve as a handy and intuitive tool to provide a good idea and information into the way Windows and applications work.



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