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Jul 9, 2011

Windows XP Fix.

Windows XP Fix is a fake computer analysis and optimization program that displays false alerts that state your computer's hard drive is having problems in order to scare you into purchasing the program.

Jul 8, 2011

IE9: Set multiple home pages for a pinned site

The pin site to the taskbar feature in IE9 is very useful when you want to visit a site quickly. It is even more handy when you can group a number of sites in a pinned site and launch all of them in one click.

Registry Sweeper

Do you often download and install software from the Internet and uninstall it after a while? Many uninstall programs, however, can't completely remove everything from your computer as you believe - information written into the registry by the application may still remain there - by and by your registry file will be larger and larger, your system will be slower and slower, or even run into malfunctions.

Activate GPRS for the Nokia E51

The Nokia E51 is a robust cell phone that is able to send and receive email and browse the Web through the cellular network, but it needs the correct GPRS settings in order to access the Internet. You also need a data feature on your account, so contact your carrier to verify you have the correct data features before changing the data settings in the phone. Once you know you have the right features, you are ready to set the GPRS settings.

This article will help you to Activate GPRS for the Nokia E51.

Windows Salvor Tool.

Windows Salvor Tool is a typical scareware that creates an impression that PC is infected and that you need to purchase licensed its version.

Jul 7, 2011

Windows 7 Tips

Hide Drives from Your Computer in Windows 7 or Vista

If you’ve got drives in My Computer that you never access, such as a USB Flash drive that you are using solely for ReadyBoost, a floppy drive, or a network drive only used for a particular piece of software, then you might want to simply hide the drive from your computer.

Disable pinning sites to the taskbar

Pinning a site to the taskbar in IE9 is an useful feature, but may also be an annoying thing when everybody in your family tries to pin their favorite websites to the taskbar. To keep your Windows taskbar organized, you may want to disable this feature.

Steps to Follow
  • Hold Win key+ R to open up the run box, type in regedit and hit Enter.

My display seems distorted


You really need a new video card. However, if you can't change the card just yet, you might resolve the problem by adjusting the hardware features of the card.

This is an easy try, so if the Issue is not solved there is no harm done.

PC Registry Cleaner

Did you know that over 94% of PCs have hidden corrupt and dangerous files with over 150 hidden errors and bugs on them?

Over time your Windows registry becomes saturated with redundant files and broken links that cause errors and even system crashes. Using our registry cleaner and registry repair software will get rid of all those unnecessary files that swamp your PC and end up wreaking havoc.

Running our registry cleaner and registry repair software on a regular basis will boost your system performance, remove hidden Errors and bugs, and prevent system crashes. What is the windows registry and why do you need a registry repair/registry cleaner to keep it error free? Every Microsoft Windows operating system has a registry.

Your system registry is one of the most vital and important components on your PC, it holds a wealth of information about your computer setup and configuration.

When you delete a file or uninstall a program, the registry keeps a reference of that deleted file and does not remove it, thus, an invalid data or error stays in the registry, as the registry gets filled with these invalid data and errors, your computer system will become sluggish and can cause severe system complications resulting in system crash, hang and malfunction.

Download our top rated registry cleaner/registry repair software and SCAN YOUR PC FOR FREE, find out if your PC is corrupted with errors and bugs before it is too late.

Features of PC Registry Cleaner:
  • Prevent and eliminate system Crashes
  • Remove invalid registry entries
  • Remove hidden bugs and system errors
  • Scan your hard drive for invalid shortcuts
  • Manage your system startup menu
  • Optimize your internet speed
  • Optimize your system ram memory
  • Fix application shutdown errors
  • Fix registry errors
  • Windows registry cleaner
  • Windows registry repair

Play A Flash Animation In Powerpoint

Flash Animation

Flash player is helpful in playing moving objects and animations at any point. In Microsoft Power point we can play flash files and can make it more entertaining and presentable.

Set Up DHCP on a Local Area Network

Local area networks are the backbone of a company's communications infrastructure. These networks must run smoothly for the organization to operate at peak efficiency. Setting up DHCP on a local area network is an integral part of this process. While it does take some technical knowledge, setting up the DHCP is relatively painless.

This article will help you to Set Up DHCP on a Local Area Network.

Organizing Your IncrediMail

         As you install IncrediMail letters, animations, sounds and other styles, they automatically appear in a folder in your IncrediMail style box.

Windows Easy Supervisor.

Windows Easy Supervisor is another rogue antivirus program that gets inside the system unnoticeably and imitates functions of security tool.

Jul 6, 2011

Windows Vista Tips

Advanced Vista File Sharing

Set Up Slide Show

Power point helps us in making presentations and it does in the form of slide shows. We need to set up a slide show and time it with different designs and layouts.

Look up a Word Definition

        How handy a dictionary or encyclopaedia would be. but wait, isn't the web just a browser  and some typing or copying and pasting — away?

MISPBO Registry Cleaner

MISPBO Registry Cleaner is an advanced registry cleaning utility. The main function of is to allow the removal of unnecessary keys from the Windows Registry. It can also backup and defrag the registry.

MISPBO Registry Cleaner will fix hidden bugs and errors on your PC and increase the overall performance speed of your computer by as much as 350%. Statistics show that 93.7% of personal computers have corrupt and potentially dangerous files with 150 or more errors on them.

  • Missing file associations
  • Invalid device drivers
  • Invalid application paths
  • Missing DLL files
  • Missing help files
  • Missing system fonts

Your Domain Name Server

The Domain Name System, or DNS, is a system that is used to identify a computer network. The DNS is used to allow a person to determine the location and address of computer networks, no matter where in the world they may be present. DNS was developed to associate a domain name with an IP. If you are looking for the DNS of a Windows or Linux system, it can be found by using the computer's command prompt tool. There is also an alternate method for systems running Windows.

This article will help you to find Your Domain Name Server.

Registry Rinse

Registry Rinse is Registry-cleaning software. It will safely clean and repair Windows Registry problems with a few clicks and enable you to enjoy a cleaner and more efficient PC.

The Registry is the nerve center of your PC, and problems with the Windows Registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages.

Jul 5, 2011

Windows Vista Tips

Simple Way to Disable IPv6 in Windows Vista

1) Go to Start and right click on Network and then click Properties.

Convert Text-Format Numbers Using Paste Special

Here, we multiply each selected cell by 1 in order to force the conversion from a text-formatted number to a regular number. Because we're multiplying the contents of the cell by 1, the result in the cell looks identical. However, Excel actually replaces the text-based contents of the cell with a numerical equivalent.

Configure a Virtual PC Network

Virtual PCs can simulate network environments in a business. Testing a setup before implementing changes in a network saves a business money by avoiding possible problems. Networking your virtual PCs allows you to use a networked printer, servers and other network resources. Sharing files between a host operating system or other virtual PCs is possible using networking. Networking is configured in mostly the same way as on physical computers, but virtual PCs utilize the host computer's network adapter or a virtual network.

This article will help you to Configure a Virtual PC Network.

Firefox tips

The Mozilla Firefox's local area network settings allows you to specify how Firefox connects to theInternet. Although the network settings are typically controlled by the operating system, the Firefox settings allows you to change how Firefox connects to the Internet. Specifically, you can setup Firefox to use a proxy server, which conceals your true Internet protocol, or IP, address.

This article will help you to get in to LAN settings in Firefox.

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