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Apr 12, 2011

Internet: Dragging Files and Tabs in Safari

Dragging Files and Tabs in Safari

Just like any other Mac applications, Safari supports dragging in files from the Finder or other applications such as iPhoto. If you just drag a file into a regular browser window, however, all it will do is display the file in a Safari window. The useful part comes when a website is asking for you to upload a file. Instead of clicking ‘Choose File’, you can drag the file you want to use and drop it directly on the button. A small green plus sign will appear next to your cursor, and the file is selected, no matter how deeply nested it is on your hard drive. This is a small thing, but it can save a lot of time if you have a file open in the Finder already before you upload it to a website.

CityVille Guide - Experience (XP)

CityVille Guide – Experience (XP)

XP, which stands for Experience Points, is earned by completing all the various tasks, quests and activities in the game. As you earn more and more XP, you’ll advance in levels. Besides looking cool, you’ll unlock access to many new buildings and decorations in the game as you reach the higher levels.

Apr 11, 2011

Slow PC: Windows XP system idle process

Windows XP Processes - system idle process
What is system idle process?

system idle process - System Idle Counter

The system idle process is not a process, more a counter which is displayed in WinTasks used for measuring how much idle time the CPU is having at any particular time.

Virus Support: Types of Botnet Attacks

Types of Botnet Attacks

Bot net is a like a robot that sends some codes to remote user as requested by him. It first scans the computer or network for different vulnerabilities and it will use different types of attack . And we have seen what

Windows7: Finding Unknown Devices

Device Manager - Finding Unknown Devices

Finding Unrecognized Devices through Device Manager

This guide will show you how to locate the unidentified hardware in your device manager by using Hardware Identification. The goal of this tutorial is to help identify an unidentified device.

Windows XP: USB 2.0 Unknown Device Issue

USB 2.0 Unknown Device Issues in XP

Windows XP includes native USB support. Windows Update added support for USB 2.0 devices in January 2002. If XP does not recognize a USB 2.0 device, the cause may lie with the system's drivers, issues related to the registry or the hibernation function. Before checking the functionality of a USB device, ensure the port is USB 2.0 compatible and your system has 2.0 support installed via the Device Manager.

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