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Jan 22, 2011

Change Scheduled meeting request

How to change a Scheduled meeting request.

change a Scheduled meeting request





Advantages and Disadvantages of External hard disk drives

Advantages and Disadvantages of External hard disk drives
External drives are arguably the biggest growth area in data storage of recent times. They offer the possibility of transferring all user’s valuable data, documents, photographs, music and movies. Alternatively they can provide a destination for a user to backup their valued files, in case the data held on their internal storage is lost, or the internal storage fails. But are they lulling users into a false sense of security?

They are being offered with ever increasing capacity and at ever decreasing prices. Many are advertised using ‘pence per Gigabyte’ prices as a lure. However a few notes of caution arise from the recent spate of external hard drives being sent for Data Recovery.

Jan 21, 2011

Firefox: Increase the Page Loading Speed

Firefox is one of the most widely used  browser on the Internet. Mozilla Firefox is open source and it's free, they also have portable browser. It supports all the operating systems like Windows xpWindows 7, MacOSX, Linux based computers     

How to customize Firefox browser to increase the speed of page loading

This trick is based on the concept of HTTP Pipelining. To utilize HTTP Pipelining,what you have to do is to just enable the HTTP pipelining in Firefox because it is disabled by default in Firefox version 3(or in greater version, It may not be supported in older versions, if so then first upgrade your firefox to 4).
  •  Open Firefox Browser and type about:config in address Bar and hit enter.
  • Now type network.http.pipelining in Filter box.
  •  Change the value field of network.http.pipelining, from False to True (By Double Clicking on it).
  • Change the value field of network.http.pipelining.maxrequests from 4 to 8(or more).
  • You may or may not want to change the network.http.pipelining.maxrequests,actually it is for servers that use SSL.If you want then you can change it to true or you can also leave it untouched.

Note: Without HTTP Pipelining ,HTTP requests are sent out in successive order i.e one after another but If we use HTTP Pipelining then the request can be sent to the server more quickly that’s why the page loading time will decrease.Therefore the browsing speed will increase and surfing will become faster.

Jan 20, 2011

Why are Spam Emails a Threat?

Why should someone send you emails for marketing products, when you have not subscribed to any such service? Why is someone sitting in some part of Nigeria or may be some other far off place, willing to deposit a huge amount of money into your account? Do you know that a person sending you a spam email, as per the cyber law is entitled to pay a huge amount of fine for every such mail that he sends? This article has been thus written to make you aware of all such facts and also present to you some effective methods on how to stop spam emails.

Windows 7-Create, Delete and Modify User Accounts

This will demonstrate how to create, delete, and modify user accounts in Windows 7.

To invoke the main User Accounts dialogue, follow one of the methods below:

Click the Start logo and typewrite User Accounts into the search box and press enter.

Click the Start logo and then click Control Panel followed by User Accounts and Family Safety and finally User Accounts.

Either method will bring up the following dialogue panel.

This article shows the dialogue panels after you have simply installed Windows 7.

Jan 19, 2011

Outlook 2007: Scheduling a meeting request

A meeting is an appointment to which you invite people in outlook

You can create and send meeting requests for face-to-face meetings or for online meetings. When you create a meeting, you identify the people to invite and you pick a meeting time. Responses to your meeting request appear in your Inbox. You can also add people to an existing meeting or reschedule a meeting.


How to schedule a meeting in Outlook 2007

  1. On the File menu, point to New, and then click Meeting Request.
          Keyboard shortcut: To create a new meeting request, press CTRL+SHIFT+Q.
  1. In the Subject box, type a description.
  1. In the Location box, type a description or click Rooms to choose from rooms available for automatic scheduling by using Microsoft Exchange.
  1. In the Start time and End time lists, select the start and end time for the meeting. If this is an all day event, select the All day event  check box. An all day event is a full 24 hour event lasting from midnight to midnight.  
    Note:  By default, the current time zone setting on your computer system is used to schedule meetings. If you want to schedule meetings based upon an alternate time zone, on the Meeting tab, in the Options group, click Time Zones.
  1. Type any information that you want to share with the recipients, attach any files, or create a Meeting Workspace.
  3. On the Meeting tab, in the Show group, click Scheduling Assistant. The Scheduling Assistant helps to find the best time for your meeting.
  1. Click Add Others, and then click Add from Address Book.
  1. In the Select Attendees and Resources dialog box, in the Search box, enter the name of a person or resource that you want to invite to the meeting. If you are searching with the More Columns option, then click Go.
  1. Select the name from the results list, and click Required, Optional, or Resources, and then clicks OK. Required and Optional attendees appear in the To box on the Meeting tab, and Resources appear in the Location box.
    The free/busy grid shows the availability of attendees. A green vertical line represents the start of the meeting. A red vertical line represents the end of the meeting.

The Suggested Times pane locates the best time for your meeting, which is defined as the time when most attendees are available. The best meeting time appears at the top of the pane. To select any of the suggested times, click the time suggestion in the Suggested Times pane. You can also manually pick a time on the free/busy grid.
  1. If you want to make the meeting recur, on the Meeting tab, in the Options group, click Recurrence, select the recurrence pattern, and then click OK. When you add a recurrence pattern to a meeting request, the Meeting tab changes to Recurring Meeting.
  1. On the Meeting tab, in the Show group, click Appointment.
  1. Click Send.

You can follow same steps on Windows 7 and Windows XP

Super Speed USB 3.0

As technology innovation marches forward; new kinds of devices, media formats, and large inexpensive storage are converging. They require significantly more bus bandwidth to maintain the interactive experience that users expect. In addition, user applications demand a higher performance connection between the PC and these increasingly sophisticated peripherals. 

USB 3.0 addresses this need by adding an even higher transfer rate to match these new usage and demands.

USB continues to be the answer to connectivity for PC, Consumer Electronics, and Mobile architectures. It is a fast, bidirectional, low-cost, dynamically attachable interface, that is consistent with the requirements of the PC platforms of today and tomorrow.

SuperSpeed USB brings significant performance enhancements to the ubiquitous USB standard, while remaining compatible with the billions of USB enabled devices currently deployed in the market. SuperSpeed USB will deliver 10x the data transfer rate of Hi-Speed USB, as well as improved power efficiency.

Advantages of USB 3.0:

  • SuperSpeed USB has a 5 Gbps signaling rate offering 10x performance increase over Hi-Speed USB.

  • SuperSpeed USB is a Sync-N-Go technology that minimizes user wait-time.

  • SuperSpeed USB will provide Optimized PowerEfficiency. No device polling and lower active and idle power requirements.

  • SuperSpeed USB is backwards compatible with USB 2.0. Devices interoperate with USB 2.0 platforms. Hosts support USB 2.0 legacy devices.
  • Jan 18, 2011

    Keep Your Data Safe In Windows XP

    Encrypt a file or folder: 
    When you encrypt a file or folder, you are converting it to a format that can't be read by others. A file encryption key is added to files or folders that you choose to encrypt. This key is needed to read the file. Windows XP Professional makes the encryption and decryption process easy

    Jan 17, 2011

    Windows 7- Enable God Mode

    Here’s a neat Windows 7 trick that’s mind blowing.
    It enables “GodMode,” a term devised by the fans
    of this trick, which provides a single place to access
    all Windows settings without needing to browse 
    options and folders in the Control Panel.


    Follow these simple steps to enable the God Mode:
          1. Create a new folder.
          2. Rename the folder to GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
    (You can change the “GodMode” text to anything you want, but the following period 
    and code number are essential).

          3. The folder icon will change — double click it to show the GodMode window:

          4. The window shows nearly 50 sections with quick links to configuration options. Strictly speaking, 
    it’snot a God Mode since all the options are available elsewhere. It’s more akin to an “all tasks” list
    — but you may find it easier than stumbling through Windows numerous screens and panels.

    The trick appears to work on  32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. Vista 32-bit and Windows 
    Server 2008 32-bit , However, it is known to crash 64-bit versions of Vista — 
    and you may need to boot in safe mode or to the command line to delete the folder. 
    Sadly, Windows XP does not have this feature.

    Jan 16, 2011

    Speed up Windows XP: Clean Up Disk Errors

    Run once a week

    Whenever a program crashes or you experience some power outage, your computer may create errors on its hard disk. Over time, the errors can slow down your computer. Luckily, the Windows operating system includes a Disk Check program to check and clean any errors on your computer and to help it running smoothly.

    Installing Windows XP

    Install Windows XP

    Installing Windows XP can take up to two hours. To make the process more manageable, it has been broken up into several sections. When you are ready, follow the below steps to install Windows XP.

    No Display & Beep sounds

    When your computer doesn't start or starts making noises that you have never heard before it can be troubling and leave you with no idea what to do to get your computer working again. If you relax and work through the problem systematically, you can often resolve the problem in a short time. More important than fixing the computer fast is to find out what the problem is.

     Here's how you can isolate the issue, in this case:

    How to Repair Internet Explorer-8 for any Errors and Issues

    Internet Explorer-8 is one of the most popular web Browsers, but it is still vulnerable to errors in windows. Some times you find Internet Explorer running  slow, frequently crashing and not responding when it's required.

    You may want to uninstall and Re-install Internet Explorer but you can consider these troubleshooting steps before un-installing the internet explorer.


    Defrag from the Command-Line for More Complete Control

    For more complete control of de-fragmentation in Windows 7, you can use the command-line de-fragmentation tool, Defrag.exe, from an elevated command prompt. 

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