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Aug 13, 2011

Remove Highlighting In Microsoft Word 2007

While removing highlighting from a word document in Word 2007 or 2010 we have two options. Either we can remove a part of selection or the whole highlighted part.

Aug 12, 2011

Antivirus IS.

Antivirus IS is a new rogue antivirus that is spread by fake antivirus websites, trojans and security exploits.

Aug 10, 2011

Google+ tips

How to Update Your Facebook Status from Google+

If you are spending a lot of time checking out Google+ and don’t want to neglect your Facebook friends, you can easily share your Google+ updates with Facebook and you don’t need additional software or extensions.
  •  First, you need to get the upload email for your account from Facebook. To do this go to Facebook and login to your account. Then go to
  • Go to the upload section and copy the address for your personalized upload email.

Albinos Defender.

Albinos Defender is a dangerous scamware that should be ignored by any circumstances.

Remove Word Art Style In MSOffice Programs

Word art styles are some of the pre-designed word text styles that will make the text look in the way are designed. Word 2007 has brought some styles that will suit different backgrounds and titles. When we remove the WordArt style from our text, the text remains and changes to plain text.

Aug 9, 2011

Skype disallow third party ads

Skype for Windows: Disallow Usage of Your Information for Third Party Ads

By default, Skype allows the usage of “non-personally identifiable information” about you when serving third party ads. If you are uncomfortable with this do to privacy concerns, you can change the default setting for your Skype to disallow this.

Spyware Vanisher.

Spyware Vanisher is a new rogue on the internet and has been designed by malicious online criminals.

Aug 6, 2011


Unvirex is a fake virus remover, despite what you might think after witnessing it’s legitimate-looking name.

Aug 5, 2011

Turn On Automatic Formatting Options

When you set options on the AutoFormat As You Type tab, Word can automatically format text as you are typing your document. For example, if you type a number followed by a period or hyphen, followed by a space or tab, followed by text, Microsoft Word makes the text a numbered list.

Alfa Defender Pro.

Alfa Defender Pro is rogue anti-spyware that must be stopped before it starts acting with its only intention – rip off the people who fall into its misleading campaign Just like many viruses from this category of malwares, it identifies itself as a reliable and effective program which needs to be purchased for the best protection.

Aug 4, 2011

Internet Explorer Tips

How to Restore the Animated Internet Explorer Logo
This article describes how to restore the animated Internet Explorer logo if it has been changed by your Internet service provider (ISP).
When you browse the Internet with Internet Explorer, the animated logo in the upper-right corner of the window spins, indicating that activity is taking place. Your ISP can customize this logo by using Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK). For example, MSN, The Microsoft Network, version 2.5 replaces the animated Internet Explorer logo with an MSN logo. 

Internet Antivirus 2011.

Internet Antivirus 2011 is another rogue anti-spyware which can be also called as money hunter.

Connect Xbox 360_win7 Tips

This is going to walk you right through connecting your Xbox 360 to a Windows 7 PC. If you have an xbox and have not linked it up to your pc yet you are missing out. Your XBOX 360 when connected will be able to stream all of your music, and movies right from your PC to your TV.

This article will help you connect Xbox 360 to Windows 7.

Aug 3, 2011

Internet Explorer Tips

Synchronize Bookmarks in IE
Many computer users find themselves on multiple computers throughout the course of the day, from the home-based PC to a work desktop to a laptop. The constant computer switching makes it difficult to keep your bookmarks up to date and in sync. Fortunately, most modern Web browsers include built-in bookmark sync tools that can ensure you always have access to your bookmarks, no matter what computer you are using. If you use multiple different Web browsers, there are tools that offer cross-browser support.

This article will help you to Synchronize Bookmarks in IE.


Anti-Virus-1 is a new rogue anti-spyware application. This parasite is very similar to Antivirus 2010

Renew IP Address_Win 7 tips

The new Microsoft Operating System is set up differently than Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you purchase a new PC or Laptop, unless otherwise requested, you'll have Windows 7 as your operating system.

When you connect your new computer to your existing modem you will not have an Internet connection because the IP address will need to be renewed. In some instances the IP address will automatically renew if you unplug the modem and restart your computer. However, in most cases you will need to release and renew the IP address and this article will show you how to accomplish this using Windows 7.

This article will help you to renew IP adderess in Windows.

Aug 2, 2011

Change The Starting Point For Gridlines

In Microsoft word 2007 we can change the starting point for gridlines. Initially, the grid begins at the upper -left corner of the page. Word displays gridlines only within the margins of the page, even though the grid may extend beyond the margins. To view the gridlines beyond the margins of the document, use this procedure.

Check My PC for Windows 7 Compatibility

Microsoft's Windows 7 is focused on speed and stability, even on older hardware, and can run on systems with minimal specifications. Device support is improved compared with Windows Vista, and the driver library has been expanded so most hardware can be automatically installed without requiring a driver disk. Before purchasing Windows 7, use the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to scan your PC and check that the hardware and software are Windows 7 compatible. If any problems are detected, the advisor will suggest ways to fix the compatibility issues.

This article will help you to check your pc for windows 7 compatibility.

Dr.Web Enhanced Protection Mode.

Dr.Web Enhanced Protection Mode is just an alert generated by agent that serves hackers.

Aug 1, 2011

Data Validation-Microsoft Excel 2003

When we are working with tables where we need to type the same thing for a list of rows we may use this data validation as list. It is there in Microsoft Excel 2003 and next versions.

Google+ tips

Google+: How to Control Who Can Start a Huddle with You

Huddle allows mobile Google+ users to text with groups from their Google+ circles. By default, anyone on Google+ can start a Huddle with you, here’s how to trim that down.

1. Go to Google+ on your computer and login to your account.

2. Go to the upper-right corner of the page and click the Options icon.

Jul 30, 2011

Avira AntiVir Enhanced Protection Mode.

Avira AntiVir Enhanced Protection Mode is a fake security alerts that mimics Avira AntiVir security notifications.

Jul 29, 2011


Drawing Objects are placed in Drawing Canvas that will hold all the objects and also pictures and text boxes. Microsoft Office Word can remove the border so as it can place the border for Drawing object.

AntiSpyware Soldier.

Antispyware Soldier is a fake anti-spyware parasite and a clone of SpySoldier.

Install a Wireless Printer_win 7

As wireless connectivity technology has become more reliable and capable of carrying more traffic, printers have joined the list of wireless peripherals. This means that all of the computers on your network can share a single printer without a print server or USB cables. Windows 7 makes it simple to connect to a wireless printer by providing a wizard that guides you through the installation.

This article will help you to connect a wireless printer on windows 7.

Google Docs

Google Docs: How to Download Specific (or All) Documents to Your Computer

While Google Docs is an extremely convenient way to store your documents, what happens if you need to view your files when you are offline or when the service is down? You can easily select which files to download (and even download all of them) into a zip file for storing onto your computer.

Steps to Follow

1. Go to Google Docs and login to your account.

2. Locate the desired files that you wish to download.

Jul 28, 2011

Add Border To A Picture Or Table Or Text

Pictures can also be given borders so as tables and text to be highlighted. This will help in highlighting the picture or Table. Word 2007 has given a option with which we can apply borders to Pictures, Tables and Text.

Add New Hardware_Win 7 tips

In the past, new hardware drivers could be installed by way of the Windows "Add Hardware Wizard" But user errors and miscues prompted Microsoft to delete this manual wizard for Windows 7. Instead, automatic Windows-operated downloads for device recognition and driver downloads are now the standard. Some hardware will still require user installation, but most other installs are handled by the Windows automated system of downloads and installations.

This article will show you to add new hardware in Windows 7.

Avast Enhanced Protection Mode.

Avast Antivirus Enhanced Protection Mode is a name of popular advertisement virus. Its name speaks for itself, so that program is declared by its distributor/creator an award-winning security solution.

Jul 27, 2011


Page borders will make the page look good and gives a professional look to the document. Microsoft word 2007 offers a wide variety of border styles that suits different occasions.

Bogema Security 2011.

Bogema Security 2011 reports infections in places that are hidden by default as these are locations to store critical system files.

Jul 26, 2011

Set the Sound Start and Stop Options

To set sound option in Microsoft power point 2007 we may need to do custom animation for all the slides to set the start and stop duration to all the slides.

Remove old Windows Versions_win 7 tips

Remove Previous Windows Versions

If you upgrading to a new operating system or planning to perform a fresh installation of Windows on your PC, you should remove all previous versions of the Windows operating system. Deleting these previous versions of Windows will preserve as much space on your hard drive as possible.

This article will help you to Remove Previous Windows Versions.

Jul 25, 2011

Enable Save Tabs Upon Exit

In order to get your tabs and windows back from the previous session, you should close Firefox from the menu: At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button (File menu in Windows XP) and then click Exit. If you close each window or tab, only the final window or tab that you closed will be available when you restart Firefox.Prior versions of Firefox would ask “Do you want Firefox to save your tabs for the next time it starts?” when exiting the program. FF4 no longer has this feature enabled by default. Here is how to turn it back on.

Create a Windows 7 System Recovery Disc

Windows 7 comes with the built-in ability of being able to create a System Repair Disk that can be used to recover from major issues.

The same recovery features can be found on the Windows 7 installation disc, but if you don't have an installation disc, or your was lost or damaged, you'll need this recovery disc to access the Windows 7 recovery features in case your system becomes seriously corrupt or unbootable.
This article will help you to Create a Windows 7 System Recovery Disc.

Jul 22, 2011

Add and Play Sounds In a presentation

Sounds make a presentation more attractive and will help in effective presentation. Microsoft power point presentation with the help of sounds will make any project more presentable.

One Clean.

OneClean is a true rogue anti-spyware which will never clean viruses as it names says. It is more likely to infect computers with malware and also make the infected computer dramatically slow.

Jul 20, 2011

Check your Internet Speed

Internet connection speed is determined by a number of factors: the base speed assigned by your Internet service provider, network congestion and bandwidth-consuming programs running on your computer. The base speed, which varies depending on the type of Internet you have, could be relative to how much you pay for the service, though it is never guaranteed to always be at that speed because of the other aforementioned factors. Check your Internet speed by using a variety of Internet speed tests. These tests work with both broadband and dial-up Internet connections.

This article will help you to check your Internet Speed.

How to Delete Internet Explorer Toolbars

An Internet Explorer Toolbar is an optional program that increases the functionality of Internet Explorer by enabling PC users to perform certain tasks within their browser. While toolbars can be helpful in providing a quick access to frequently used programs and services, Internet Explorer toolbars can slow the performance of a PC. As a result, it may be helpful to delete Internet Explorer toolbars. One of the easiest and safest ways to remove toolbars from Internet Explorer is by using the Windows Add/Remove Programs tool.

Smart Engine Antivirus.

Smart Engine Antivirus is a fake antivirus program that shows the user that the computer is infected by malwares repeatedly so that to urge the user to purchase the full version of Smart Engine Antivirus.

Jul 19, 2011

Layout And Design Options In Photo Album

We can also change the layout and design options in a photo album in Power point 2003. It is an advantage and is similar to other photo editing programs that  gives us photo editing features.

Customize a Flock Internet Browser

The Flock web browser is an Internet browser built on Mozilla Firefox technology. Flock integrates popular Web 2.0 social technologies such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube. According to, you can use the Flock web browser to connect to your favorite social networking sites, read RSS feeds, and add favorites to Flock with a one click process. With so many features, the web browser takes a moment to configure, but can be an enjoyable experience after connecting Flock to all of your favorite services.

This article will help you to Customize a Flock Internet Browser.


Gomeo, is a malicious adware application that tends to be distributed by its affiliated website.

Jul 18, 2011

Compare Documents In Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft word 2010 has an option to compare two documents where we see the changes in the second document.

Enable Voice Chat in Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger features chat rooms so you can meet and connect with people with similar hobbies and interests. By enabling voice chat, you can even talk to other Yahoo! Messenger users in the chat rooms. First, you must enable Yahoo! Messenger voice chat.

This article will help you to  Enable Voice Chat in Yahoo! Messenger

Jul 15, 2011

Add Caption To A Photo Album

Photo albums help in creating great memories for all and keep them alive for decades. we can make photo albums using Microsoft power point. We can add photos and give captions for each photo.

Windows Express Settings.

Windows Express Settings is a rogue antispyware application that fake errors to make you think that your computer is infected with viruses and has some other problems.

Jul 14, 2011

Firefox tips

How to Fix if Location bar Searches are Affected

If a term is entered in the Location bar, Firefox sends a request to your ISP to see if the term is actually a website address. If the server returns a no-such-domain error, Firefox will then initiate a search using the site listed in the keyword.URL preference . A number of ISPs and DNS servers are set not to return a no-such-domain error, and will redirect to their own search site instead.Make sure that the keyword.URL preference is set to the search site you want and that it's turned on.

All of my disks are listed as “basic.”

Cause: Windows XP Professional supports both basic and dynamic disks, however, XP Home Edition only supports basic disks. If you are using Windows XP Professional and you want to convert the disks to dynamic disks so that you can take advantage of volume management, you can easily convert them.

Registry Care

The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores configuration settings and options on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It contains settings for low-level operating system components as well as the applications running on the platform: the kernel, device drivers, services, SAM, user interface and third party applications all make use of the registry. The registry also provides a means to access counters for profiling system performance.

Identify Email Spam

Identifying email spam may seem like an easy task. However, spammers are becoming quite good at copying the look and feel of popular Web sites. Spammers are creating emails and Web sites with common and official looking logos, which is enough to fool many who may be new to using the Internet. If you find your box is filling up with emails that are unsolicited, there are various ways to tell if they may be spam. Below are some steps to take when looking at your email to see if it has characteristics of a spam email.

This article will help you to Identify Email Spam.

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