May 22, 2011

Virus: Blank Computer Virus

Blank Computer Virus                                            Computer viruses are a reality and you are likely to encounter one on your own computer at some point. Some of these can be quite harmless, but others can cause chaos. Knowing what to do in such a situation will be beneficial for you in restoring your PC to proper operating order; however if you are unsure of how to correct a problem, it might be better to consult a computer technician.
If you come across the About:blank screen when you use Internet Explorer, odds are that it may be a virus. The About:blank screen virus is a browser hijacker which is designed to take control of your web browser. The main purpose of this browser hijacker is to redirect you to more dangerous sites in an attempt to download viruses and spyware to your computer and to access your private information.

Removing the About:blank virus is possible, and you can find many step-by-step guides on the Internet to help you. You can also download spyware-removal software specifically for this problem, and these programs can be located by doing a simple search online. It is also recommended that you have an updated antivirus program that can detect and remove this virus before any avoidable harm comes to your operating system.


Viruses and malware are specifically programmed to harm operating systems or to collect sensitive information from users. Although most of them will easily be picked up by good antivirus software, some of them might sneak in without the user's knowledge. These are the ones to be concerned about because you might not notice them until they have caused damage to your PC


The best tool to use against computer attacks is a current antivirus program. Antivirus software companies work to find solutions to new viruses and attacks every day. Updating your antivirus definitions and performing regular scans will help prevent the About:blank virus from infecting your computer.


Technology is a critical tool in our daily lives and can unfortunately become one of our worst enemies as well. With cyber crime increasing by the day and new viruses being deployed, you are constantly vulnerable to these threats. Knowledge is power and by arming yourself with the right information, tools and software you can ensure that your data and system are safe from attackers.


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