Oct 28, 2010

Gmail Security - Login Activity Log

Great Security Feature From Gmail

Simple... Follow these simple steps to know details about your gmail account activity:

1. Login to your gmail account.

2. Scroll down the list of your emails in the inbox.

3. In the image below, take a look at the highlighted area (in Red) "Last Account Activity". This tells you the last login activity of your account. and it also gives you the IP address of the PC from which your account was logged into.

4. If you want to check the details of the location of the IP, you can also do that, simply by clicking "Details" link next to the activity details to check the location from where your account was logged into. It also gives you details about how your account had been accessed, by a browser (OS), mobile, Email Client and so on. See the image below:

5. If you did not logout of your account while you were at work and are accessing gmail from home, you can also Sign-out the account access from work or other locations by clicking "Sign out all other sessions" as shown below.

Now you can easily now if someone else has used your Gmail credentials, and if you forget to log out from Gmail from any other machine (your home computer or office computer or any cybercafe) you can easily log yourself out from any remote locations.


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