Oct 28, 2010

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 Features and improvements

Internet Explorer-9 has been designed to view a broad range of web pages including certain features within the Operating System ( Windows Vista and Windows 7 - IE9 does not work with Windows XP ) also includes Microsoft Update.

The first thing you'll observe when launching your new Internet Explorer 9 is that the interface is completely new and takes up very little vertical space. The top toolbar is even more pixel-friendly than Chrome. So less tool bar visibility.

It combines the most important navigation buttons, unified search and address bar, tabs and options buttons all on the same line. You can re-size the address bar if need be, too, to fit your preferences, and all your options are available under one unified button, just like the newest version of Chrome. The address bar is pretty handy, giving you suggestions from your history and from Bing, complete with inline images to help you find what you're looking for. You can, of course, add other search engines if you so desire.

Better Usage Of Hardware from IE-9
The reason for this is that these applications have never taken advantage of the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU.) In other words, they don’t use the acceleration features of your expensive graphic card.

Enhanced CSS3 Support for Developers
CSS is a language used to describe the look and formatting of a web page. CSS specifications are made by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). CSS3 is currently under development but this doesn’t mean that browsers cannot start implementing the standards

Zooming is Good in IE-9:
The zooming can be done up to 400% but that doesn’t break the fonts and make them blurred. The font’s design remains the same

IE-9 is much Faster
IE-9 loading pages with heavy scripts, one would accept that the browser has got faster.

Based on our evaluation - IE9 is the most powerful browser till date.


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