Jan 28, 2011

Difference Between Pentium Processor & Centrino

Difference Between Pentium Processor & Centrino

The Pentium Series
Intel's line of Pentium processors includes more than just laptops: Pentium "1," Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium IV, Pentium 4-M and the Pentium M.

Pentium M
The Pentium M processor was designed for laptops (the "M" stands for "mobile") and provided for better energy management.


In order for a computer to bear the "Intel Centrino" name, it must be using a Pentium M processor and the Intel 855 Chipset. Including this chipset means that the laptop is also guaranteed to include Wi-Fi, the Intel 855 graphics chipset and memory controller.

Beyond Centrino "1"
Since the debut of Intel's Centrino technology, Intel has introduced the Intel Centrino 2 processor technology, which is similar to Centrino "1" in that it is a set of specifications as opposed to a processor alone, but it has been improved for more modern computing. In January 2010, the name identifying "Intel Centrino 2" will be changed simply to "Intel Centrino."

Misconception: -
Intel Centrino is not a processor in the way the Pentium M and other Pentium processors are. It is a marketing brand that says it includes several specific components, including the processor and chipset in this case. A computer labeled with Intel Centrino actually has a Pentium M processor inside, but also must include several other items.


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