Jan 28, 2011

speed up Farm Ville - Series 1

Have you ever felt that your Farm Ville game runs slow? If the answer to this question is yes, then this article is for you.

The heart of the problem lies with two resources  your Farm Ville animals and the fact that they are script programs that run through java script and your computer.

The bottom of the story is that the java script enables your Farm Ville animals to be animated and move. Unfortunately when you have numerous animals the java script applications bog-down your browser and slow down the speed at which the applications on the web-page or website will function, and that is why the Farm Ville game goes so slow.

We are going to provide a series of articles/posts on Speeding up Farmville. This is the 1st one of the series.
In this article we will only talk about the first part of the story that being the animals and the decorations on Farm ville itself.

We have done an exhaustive search for programs that disable scripting, but for whatever reason they do not work on Farm Ville, so the best tip to speed up Farm Ville is as follows:

Making changes in Farm ville itself

A.  Farm Ville Buildings

Our objective is to get rid of your animals to eliminate the scripting from bogging down your browser. There are only two options available to do this and the first option offers very limited help because it only applies to your cows and chickens.
Farm Ville allows you to store cows and chickens in buildings; Dairy Farms and Chicken Coop’s, respectively. However, although at the current time you can buy unlimited Dairy Farms to store cows in, unfortunately you can only obtain 1 chicken coop that has a capacity of 20 chickens.
If you haven't done so already, go to the Market and choose the "Building" tab. There you will see the various buildings that you can purchase; either with Farm Ville dollars or coins.
Purchase a chicken coop and store up to 20 of your chickens, and then SELL the rest of your chickens.
Purchase as many Dairy Farms as needed to store all your cows in. Fortunately because you can obtain unlimited Dairy Farms you will not have to SELL any cows.
As for the rest of your animals, sell them if possible! This will eliminate all of the scripting from bogging-down your Farm Ville game play speed and you will be able to plant, plow and harvest with great speed.

B.  Sell Farm Ville Animals

The other alternative is to SELL ALL OF YOUR ANIMALS. To sell your animals simply left click on the animal and choose "Sell". Another screen will open and choose "yes" to sell the animal. Yes we know that selling all of your other animals is not a very good option, but you either play the game faster or deal with playing Farm Ville bogged-down?
Gaining higher levels in Farm Ville is mainly done through harvesting crops so the most crucial thing to keep in mind is that once you advance in levels in your Farm Ville game by plowing, planting and harvesting many, many crops, you can always get more animals from your Farm Ville neighbors.
Sacrificing your animals to speed up Farm Ville to attain higher levels is a worthwhile choice that everyone will quickly learn.

C.  Trap your Farm Ville farmer


There is nothing more annoying than waiting for your farmer to walk all around your farm to plant and harvest. Trap your farmer using hay bales or fence and you will be able to play Farm Ville a lot quicker. That is one java script less. 

The next part of the article will describe about the second factor of the story, that happens to be your Computer.

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