Feb 4, 2011

Automate Windows Update- Optimization

How to Automate Windows Update

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Microsoft works constantly to release updates to Windows and other Microsoft products, including Microsoft Office. With Windows Update, you can find and install all these updates—not just the critical ones. Often, these updates can improve your computer's performance.

You can make life easier by automating Windows Update so that your computer downloads and installs all the updates without you having to worry about them.


To automate Windows Update:

For  Windows 7 users:
1. Click the Start button, click All Programs, and then click Windows Update.

2. In the left pane, click Change settings.

3. Under Important Updates, choose Install Updates automatically (recommended).

4. Under Recommended updates, select the Give me updates the same way I receive important updates check box, and then click OK

                                  The Windows Update Change settings window in Windows 7

For Windows XP Users:

1. In the Start menu, click Control Panel.

2. In the Automatic Updates dialog box, select the Automatic (Recommended)check box. You can define the time of day that your computer should check for updates. If the computer finds any updates, it will download and install them automatically for you.

3. Click OK.

                                  The Automatic Updates dialog box



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