Apr 28, 2011

Internet: Reset opera back to factory default setting

How to reset opera back to factory default setting

Many problems related to opera settings are solved by "profile reset" method.But some users find it difficult to do this. To help in that, I have summarized some tips to do profile reset in a smart way so that you will never be afraid of doing it at anytime.

What is profile reset?
Profile reset removes all your preference settings (like the options you choose in tools>preferences,custom toolbars,menu etc) and let opera rebuild it to the factory default condition automatically. The great advantage it brings that it destroys bad settings that you might have done or might have accumulated with multiple upgrade etc. This is very likely to resolve many issues users encountered with opera user settings.

What should do before profile reset?

You need to
backup your files so that you can get back your data.
How to do the profile reset?

Close opera. You need to locate your profile directory (Help>about opera will show you the exact location). In windows xp, it is commonly at c:\documents&settings>username>application data>opera>opera>profile and in win vista its under in Windows Vista C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Opera. Note that "Application data" is a hidden folder in windows and you need to enable the opton to view hidden files and folders(open my computer>tools>folder options>view>show hidden files and folders).

Once you have found the folder, just find and delete the file opera6.ini(configuration settings). Restart opera and opera will rebuild the profile settings.


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