Jun 9, 2011

Prevent Columns or rows From Spilling

We can avoid columns and rows from spilling over the edge by adjusting the sheet content or by shrinking the sheet. So that it will be one page wide or one page tall.

To avoid the spilling or columns or rows from spilling over the edges: 

1) Click the worksheet.
2) On the File menu, click Page Setup.

3) Click the Page tab and under Scaling, click Fit to to get two options. 

i) Print a worksheet to fit a paper width
  •  In the first box beside Fit to, enter 1 (for 1 page wide).
  • In the second box beside Fit to, delete the value so that the number of pages tall is unspecified.

ii)  Print a worksheet on a specified number of pages

In the boxes beside Fit to, enter the number of pages on which we want to print the work.


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