Aug 10, 2011

Google+ tips

How to Update Your Facebook Status from Google+

If you are spending a lot of time checking out Google+ and don’t want to neglect your Facebook friends, you can easily share your Google+ updates with Facebook and you don’t need additional software or extensions.
  •  First, you need to get the upload email for your account from Facebook. To do this go to Facebook and login to your account. Then go to
  • Go to the upload section and copy the address for your personalized upload email.
  • Copy the personalized upload email address.
  • Now go to Google+ and login to your account.
  • Use the navigation bar at the top of the page and click the Circles button.

  • At the bottom of the page, mouseover the Drop here to create a new circle Circle and click the Create circle link.

  • Input a name for the Circle, such as Update Facebook.
  • Click Add a new person.

  • Paste the Facebook personalized upload email address in the textbox.
  • Click the Create circle with 1 person button.

Now, anytime you wish to update your Facebook status while you are in Google+, simply add the newly created Update Facebook circle to your post. Note - You need to make sure that the Also email 1 person not yet using Google+ checkbox is checked.


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