Jan 13, 2011

XP: Changing/Editing Prefetch Settings

Change settings for your prefetch folder in Windows XP.

We can do this in Regedit.

This is helpful when you want to make changes to prefetch or disable it completely. Computers may need this functionality disabled to get the system to run more efficiently.

Once the registry editor window opens, you can chnage the way prefetch behaves by making a change in the registry
Start--> Run--> Type 'Regedit'--> Enter.

In the registry editor dialog box, navigate to the value below:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters

In the right side pane, look for the key named EnablePrefetcher. The value of this key represents how Prefetch will operate.

Values you can choose from:
0: Disable
1: Application Launch Prefetch
2: Boot Prefetch
3: Prefetch everything

Make the decision and type the required number of your choice in the EDIT DWORD VALUE, and click OK, and exit the registry editor and restart the computer.


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