Jan 12, 2011

5 good add-ons for Internet Explorer

These are the few addons you can consider while using Internet Explorer

1) Web of Trust - This addon is similar to McAfee Site Advisor. The Web of Trust Add-on integrates with search results pages and rates each link for safety.
  • Green means safe
  • Yellow means caution
  • Red means don't visit the page.

2) LastPass - Its very difficult to remember website passwords, the LastPass Add-on makes that process a whole lot safer by encrypting your saved passwords in its servers, rather than in IE's (relatively insecure) password file. Just keep track of your LastPass master password, and it will automatically log you in to any other site or service on the web. Oh, and if you stink at coming up with secure, unique passwords when signing up for new websites, LastPass will generate them for you.

3) Yoono - How about all in one social networking like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype and Google Talk for all the myriad possible incoming messages you could receive at any moment? Yoono integrates all these services into a single browser-based client, letting you see (and send) Twitter replies, Facebook updates, and Skype chats in a single, simultaneous stream.

4) Shareaholic - It's very easy to submit stories to Digg, add links to Delicious, or share an item on Facebook all with a single Add-on. The Shareaholic IE Add-on ties into 100+ web services. It's a light weight add-on.

5) Login Using BugMeNot - The perfect Add-on for all those services you don't want to join, Login with BugMeNot will use anonymous, public credentials to sign you into any major site on the web. Is there aWall Street Journalarticle or Dailymotion red band trailer you want to view without joining either site? The BugMeNot IE Add-on will get you in sans a registration account of your own.


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