Apr 21, 2011

How to create new PST and restore old data in Outlook

How to create new PST and restore old data in Outlook

         you scanned your pst-file with scanpst.exe and it displays the following error; “Internal errors were found in this file. They must be repaired for this file to work correctly.”

you have chosen repair and you get the “Repair Completed” feedback after running it. But when you check my pst-file for errors directly after that, you still get the same error notice.
How can you completely fix your pst-file?
 At times scanpst.exe will not be able to fully fix your pst-file.

Pst-file can still be opened by Outlook

If you can still open your pst-file in Outlook, then it would be easiest to start with a new pst-file and copy the contents of your troubled pst-file to the newly created one.

   1. To be safe, make a backup of your pst-file that you want to fix first.
   2. If it opens, you can create a new pst-file:

          * Outlook 2007 and previous
               * click on File
               * Now click on New then select Outlook Data File
               * Now click on open in folder and then copy all files

          * Outlook 2010
               * click on Home tab
               * Select New Items then click on More Items
               * Now selct Outlook Data File and click on open in folder
               * Now copy all the files in this folder

   4. Copy the folder from the troubled pst-file to the newly create one.

   5. Once the copying has been completed you must set the newly created pst-file as 
       the default;

          * Outlook 2003

              *click on Tools then selct Email Accounts then click on Next
              *Now use the dropdown list below “Deliver new e-mail to the following
               location:” to select your newly created pst-file
              *Then click button “Finish”
              *Now you need to Restart Outlook

         * Outlook 2007
              *Click on File, Then select Data File Management
              *Now select your newly created pst-file, Then click on button “Set as Default”
              *Now click on “Close” and then Restart Outlook

         * Outlook 2010
              *Click on File, then select section Info
              *Now click the button Account Settings,
              *Under Account Settings,select the tab Data Files
              *Now select your newly created pst-file,then select button “Set as Default”
              *Select button “Close”and then Restart Outlook

   6. After restarting Outlook, you can disconnect the troubled pst-file from Outlook by right clicking its root folder and choosing ‘Close “folder name”’.

These steps can be followed in Windows XP and Windows 7.


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