Jul 18, 2011

Enable Voice Chat in Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger features chat rooms so you can meet and connect with people with similar hobbies and interests. By enabling voice chat, you can even talk to other Yahoo! Messenger users in the chat rooms. First, you must enable Yahoo! Messenger voice chat.

This article will help you to  Enable Voice Chat in Yahoo! Messenger
  1. Get the equipment. In order to use Yahoo! Messenger voice chat you'll need to connect a microphone and handset to your computer. Any Yahoo! Messenger users you voice chat with also needs this equipment.
  2. Choose "Yahoo Chat" from the Messenger window. Then choose "Join a Room" from the menu which comes up. A dialog menu with chat room options will open.
  3. Look over the categories in the middle of the dialog window. Click on a category to see the chat room available for that category. Voice chat is available in all chat rooms.
  4. See if any voice chatters are in the room. The number in parentheses next to the chat room name is the total number of users in the room. The number after the "V" is the number of people in the room using voice chat.
  5. Enter a room. To enter a room, double click on it.
  6. Initiate voice chat. Click on the Voice Icon at the top of the window to begin a Yahoo! Messenger voice chat.Begin to voice chat. When you're ready to say something, click the green "Talk" button. Hold down the button while you're speaking and release it when you are done. Anytime a Yahoo! Messenger user with voice chat says something you'll hear him with your handset.


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