Jul 6, 2011

Look up a Word Definition

        How handy a dictionary or encyclopaedia would be. but wait, isn't the web just a browser  and some typing or copying and pasting — away?

But wait again! In IncrediMail, a handy window with translations, definitions and articles from encyclopaedias is just a mouse click away.

Look up a Word Definition or Translation in IncrediMail

Steps to get an instant translation for a word or its definition from online encyclopaedias in IncrediMail:
  •     Double-click the desired word in an email.
  •     Click the down arrow on the globe button that appears next to the highlighted word.
  •     Select Translate "___" from the menu.

Look up Words Even Faster

Alternatively, you can also
  •     Hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on any word with the right mouse button or
  •     Highlight a word and click the Translator icon in the message toolbar or header area. 

These steps can be followed for IncrediMail installed in Windows XP, 2000, 98 etc 


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