Jul 7, 2011

Organizing Your IncrediMail

         As you install IncrediMail letters, animations, sounds and other styles, they automatically appear in a folder in your IncrediMail style box.

If you install many letters, things can get cluttered quickly. Fortunately, you can easily organize your IncrediMail styles by moving them to different folders.
Organize Your IncrediMail Letters, Animations, and Styles

To organize your IncrediMail letters, animations, sounds and other styles:

  •     Click on the style you want to move in the IncrediMail Style Box.
  •     To open your Style Box in IncrediMail, create a new message and click on the left arrow button at the left border of the message creation window.
  •     While keeping the mouse button clicked, drag the style to the target folder.
  •     Release the mouse button.

Create a New Folder for Content in IncrediMail

To create a new folder in the IncrediMail Style Box:
  •     Click on any folder in the Style Box with the right mouse button.
  •     Select New from the menu that comes up.
  •     Type the desired name of your new folder.
  •     Hit Enter.

These steps can be followed for IncrediMail installed in Windows XP, 2000, 98 etc 


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