Jul 5, 2011

Configure a Virtual PC Network

Virtual PCs can simulate network environments in a business. Testing a setup before implementing changes in a network saves a business money by avoiding possible problems. Networking your virtual PCs allows you to use a networked printer, servers and other network resources. Sharing files between a host operating system or other virtual PCs is possible using networking. Networking is configured in mostly the same way as on physical computers, but virtual PCs utilize the host computer's network adapter or a virtual network.

This article will help you to Configure a Virtual PC Network.

  1. Click "Start" on the host computer's desktop, "All programs" and Microsoft Virtual PC. Open the Virtual PC Console by double-clicking the icon in the notification area.

  2. Select a virtual PC and click "Settings." Click "Networking."

  3. Select the name of a network adapter on your physical computer from the pull-down menu to connect the virtual PC to the network as a physical computer. The virtual PC will connect in the same way any other computer would, using a DHCP server to assign an IP address if present on the network.

  4. Select "Shared networking (NAT)" to have the virtual PC use a virtual DHCP server and a private network that is created, instead of the server on the physical network.

  5. Select "Local only" to have the virtual PC have access only to other Virtual PCs on the computer. The virtual machine will not have access to resources on physical computers or the host computer.

  6. Click "OK." The network settings must be configured for each virtual PC in the console.

  7. Start a virtual machine by double clicking it. Within the virtual machine window, click "Start," right-click "Computer" and select "Properties."

  8. Click "Change settings" and "Change." Enter a work group name to set up a network without a domain server. Enter a domain name instead if you do have a server in place.

  9. Click "OK" in both windows. Repeat the steps in this virtual PC on each of your virtual PCs to connect them to the network.


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