Apr 6, 2011

Increase Browsing Speed on Safari

How to Increase Browsing Speed on Safari

Remove Website Favicons in Safari
Normally, Websites now include a small icon or 'favicon' which is visible in the address bar and next to bookmarks. Plenty of websites are available over the internet, it is obvious that these icons can potentially take up a fair amount hard disk space. 

This will cause slow downs due to Safari having to 'sift' through the collection to find the right image. It is possible to erase the icons from your computer and start fresh.

  • To delete Safari's icon cache using the Finder, open your user folder, navigate to ~/Library/Safari/Icons and delete its contents.
  • Safari Speed can purge all currently stored Favicons and prevent any new ones from being saved.
Delete the Preferences File in Safari
There are chances Safari Preferences File has become corrupted you may notice glitches and problems when browsing the web. You might not be able to load certain web sites or experience time outs and error messages. By deleting the preference file you may fix these problems, but you will also loose all your settings
Safari stores its preference file (plist) in your user folder.

Note: First, make sure you quit Safari. Then, using the finder, open your user folder and navigate to ~/Library/Preferences/. Delete the file named 'com.apple.Safari.plist'.


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