Apr 5, 2011

Replace a Laptop DVD/CD ROM Drive

How to Replace a Laptop DVD/CD ROM Drive

Replacing the disk drive of a laptop can be a cumbersome job, so here's an easy guide to do so without damaging your prized possession.

1). Turn off the laptop and unplug the AC adapter. Remove the battery.
2). Turn over the laptop. The CD drive is normally held in place by only one or two small screws, located towards the middle of the computer. Sometimes, there is a picture of a CD drive next to the screw. Many times, the screw is underneath a label, necessitating the removal of the label.

3). Remove the screws.

4). With the screws removed, the old drive should slide out easily. Slide out the drive.

5). Slide the new drive into the case, and replace the screws.

6). Boot up the laptop. Install driver software if necessary, and make sure that the drive is recognized by the operating system.


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