Apr 4, 2011

Office Support: Blogging in Word 2007

Blogging in Word 2007

Microsoft Word is a wonderful tool for writing documents. It is also a wonderful tool in writing blogs that helps in filling long blogs without any mistakes. 

To begin blogging:

1) Click on the Office button in the upper left hand corner, and then New, and then choose New blog post 

2) A new blog post opens in place with the following options at the top in the ribbon.

 Here we can edit changes to the posts in the document page and after making all the changes to it. We can publish on two ways: 

3) Just click on the publish option at the top in the ribbon or we can do it as follows

4) After we click on this it will ask which web account we use to blog

5) Then it asks us to enter the blog address be it blogger or wordpress

6) Then it will test the account for verification, synchronize with word and then we need to click on publish to publish the a blog post in word.


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