Apr 6, 2011

Remove Cookies for a Single Domain in IE9

How to Remove Cookies for a Single Domain in IE9

Normally if you want to clear cookies you have to clear all the stored cookies. In internet explorer 9, one of the great features is the ability to clear cookies for a particular domain. That means you are able to remove the cookies for a specific site.

Steps to Follow
  • Then go to the desired website.
  • Press F12 on your keyboard this will open the developer tools at the bottom part of the Internet Explorer application window.
  • Go to the developer tools menu and click Cache tab.

  • Then choose Clear cookies for domain from the drop down menu.
  • Then a confirmation window will appears asking you Are you sure you want to clear the cookies for this domain.
  • Finally click Yes.
  • All cookies for the current domain have been removed.


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